Sputnik handmade Paints
- exciting new trends by Oona & friends.
  All are Self-Undercoating, Ultra-low VOC, Non-toxic,
Virtually odourless and perfectly safe to use in nurseries and children’s rooms

triptych 2.jpg

84 special shades Handmade by Sputnik – you wont find these colours anywhere else - each one uses upto 5-9 pigments to create interest, depth & complexity = hard to pin down &  impossible to copy. Exceptional Quality, Hard wearing, User-Friendly Paints.

Testers available – see Shop Now.


Sputnik’s range includes colours of the 50’s, 60’s & 70’sto evoke that unique Retro Vibe.

Sputnik subtly changes mood during the day and under different lighting to build a visual rapport with your home’s natural ambience – Science working for You !


Accept no substitute !





Sputnik Paints
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Milnthorpe, Cumbria. LA7 7AX
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